April 29, 2020

Design Doing is Strategy on Demand

Strategy is simple. In its essence, it is about putting together a plan and acting it out.

The faster you can act out the plan, the quicker you will know if your strategy is working.

Unfortunately, some companies tend to plan and re-plan more than they execute and seem to have forgotten how to act on what is needed and not what is planned. Oftentimes, the reason is they want to be sure that the plan works before they allocate ressources to act it out.

The rapid changes we see in today’s business environment has an immense potential for organisations who adapt to this new reality. But adapting is not easy. We need to begin thinking about strategy as an ever-changing dynamic hypothesis that needs constant validation through instant market feedback.

In this Morgenbooster online session we want to show you why and how you can start working with strategy in a profoundly new way inspired by the Scandinavian way of form-giving, business thinking, and the ancient Egyptians. We call it Design Doing.


April 29

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